Memoirs & Fiction by Adoptees

All You Can Ever Know (2018) by Nicole Chung, memoir

Beyond Two Worlds: A Taiwanese-American Adoptee’s Memoir & Search for Identity (2017) by M. Huang. Signed paperback copies available here; hardcover and paperback also available at Amazon

Keurium (2018) by J S Leefictional work

Not My White Savior (2018) by Julayne Lee – poetry

You Don’t Look Adopted (2018) by Anne Heffron, memoir

The Leavers (2017) by Lisa Kofictional work about a young boy who is adopted by two white college professors after his mother, an undocumented Chinese immigrant, disappears.

Umbilicus (2016) by Paula Gruben, autobiographical novel

Ghost of Sangju: A Memoir of Reconciliation (2015) by Soojung Jo, memoir

Three More Words (2015) by Ashley Rhodes-Courter, memoir: Sequel to Three Little Words

Fish Heads & Folktales: Reflections on Culture, Family, and Life from a Korean Adoptee (2014) by P.M. Moran, memoir

Lucky Girl: A Memoir (2009) by Mei-Ling Hopgood, memoir

Three Little Words (2008) by Ashley Rhodes-Courter, memoir

somebody’s daughter: a novel (2005) by Marie Myung-OK Lee, memoir

The Language of Blood (2003) by Jane Jeong Trenka, memoir

A Single Square Picture: A Korean Adoptee’s Search for Her Roots (2002) by Katy Robinson, memoir

Twenty Things Adopted Kids Wish Their Adoptive Parents Knew (1999) by Sherrie Eldridge