reunion video captures anguish of Korean birthmother

The other day I happened upon a video of an adoption reunion posted by writer, Vicki-lynn, who blogs at adoptionfind. The video, called “Recovering What Was Left Behind,” by Korean adoptee, Kira Donnell, documents her reunion with her birth mother, which took place in October 2010. Kira also blogs at starlingblue. Vicki-lynn describes the footage well in this statement, “you are privy to the torment many birth mothers carry in their hearts after relinquishing a child.” It is a reminder of the grief and loss experienced by many birth mothers who must give up a child due to poverty or their status as unwed, single women. The footage also speaks to the adoptee’s need to know in many instances and desire to connect with her/his birth heritage. I often wonder if my birth mother mourned the loss of her fourth child (my biological father secretly relinquished me due to financial stress). As a mom, I cannot imagine being separated from my own daughter. There was such a strong emotional and spiritual bond I felt immediately following her birth. It’s almost indescribable. We were inseparable from that moment on. My heart goes out to any woman who is forced to relinquish a child or consider such a plight because of adverse circumstances during that period in her life. Kira and her birth mother celebrated their reunion, although not all reunion stories end as happily. Kira sends out a beautiful poem at the end of the video meant for her birth mother. Watch the video (approximately 7 minutes) below. Thank you, Vicki-lynn, for sharing this story.

8 thoughts on “reunion video captures anguish of Korean birthmother

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  3. Kira Donnell

    I’m glad that my video has been able to touch so many people! ^^ Since our reunion, my birthmother and I have walked the path together of forging a new and meaningful relationship, which includes its own set of trials as well as joys. If anyone’s interested, I actually keep my own blog at which documents my relationship with my birthfamily post-reunion.



    1. Marijane Post author

      Kira, it’s so nice to hear from you! Thank you for sharing your video and journey with so many of us. I will definitely stop by your blog and am so happy that you are posting your site address here. I’ll add that to this post. The best to you, Kira!


  4. Gillian

    Thanks for sharing that video. It’s so important to be reminded as adoptive mothers the acute loss felt by the birth mother…and the daughter. I can pray and hope that my daughter has the same lovely connection with her birth mum one day. Love your blog! xx



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