searching for my birthfamily

Tien made a new suggestion to try and find my birthfamily in Taiwan. She suggests that I place an article in a local newspaper stating that I’m in search of my birthfamily. The best solution by far would be to travel to Taiwan in person and search for records. Tien has even invited me to accompany her on her next expedition there in the near future. I would be very interested in doing so, although it seems like pursuing this is such a distant dream. Now that I’ve started a new full-time job, it would be difficult to get the time off from work. Honestly, I’ve been so wrapped up in my new job, I’ve given my adoption search less thought. But tonight, I wonder a little if this search will ever lead me to someone from my birthfamily. Will placing such an article in a newspaper draw any attention? It’s worth a chance.

I’m hoping to hear back from Tien soon to find out what information is needed to write such an article. What will I say? Woman in search of birthfamily who was adopted by Americans over 40 years ago? Who knows if anyone from my birthfamily is still living. I was the youngest, and I’m 44 years old. My birth parents may not be living, in fact, most likely are not. I know of other adoptees who have found their birth parents, or siblings, not all Asian American adoptees, but some white, who were adopted domestically. It seems that because my adoption took place so long ago, and both of my adoptive parents are no longer living, the little information that I’ve discovered is not enough to find out anything significant. It seems impossible. The obsession to find someone from my birthfamily has drifted a little. Perhaps I’m losing hope. Perhaps the hill is too steep to climb. I think it has some to do with working and having other distractions. In any case, I’ll have to continue to wait and see what unfolds. Who knows, maybe a trip to Taiwan will come to fruition in the not too distant future. I can hope.

2 thoughts on “searching for my birthfamily

  1. Marijane Post author

    Carole, it certainly would be exciting to travel to Taiwan. We’ll see what the future holds. I have information from my adoption contract stating that my biological mom was 39 and biological dad was 55 at the time of my birth. They could still be living, but I’m not too sure. I was the youngest of 4 girls, so it’s more likely that my siblings are still living. I’m very grateful for work right now and the distraction it is from all that I’ve been through lately! Thank you for your support as I continue to write and continue with my search. My life has been so full of transitions over the past 7 years, I’m really hoping to get into a rhythm now that I’m working. I’m not there yet, but hopefully in time!!


  2. Carole Ann Kaplan

    Ah, another turn in the story. I like the idea of putting an article in the newspaper and seeing what that will bring. The idea of traveling to Taiwan is also very exciting. You certainly have someone special in Tien. Keep following her suggestions. Just the thought of traveling to Taiwan is so appealing to me. Think of what that would add to your memoir…taking the actual journey…touching, feeling, tasting, seeing the country of your birth and, hopefully, embracing your birth family.

    Do you have reason to believe your birth parents are older? If not, your parents could be in their sixties or even a bit older. Honestly, I think there is a very good chance they are still living, certainly siblings of theirs or yours could very much be alive.

    The distraction of work is a good thing because it helps to add balance to your life which we all need. I’m just so happy we are together in our writing group supporting each other as we find our way, some more complicated than others. Perhaps that would be a good topic for writing….transitions in life. We are all in the process on some level or other. I’ll put the idea out there and see what we get. Thanks, xo



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