road block

Just before noon, my inbox alerted me to a new email. It was from Tien at Journeys of the Heart adoption services in Hillsboro, Oregon. She’s a caseworker at the agency who has volunteered to help me in the search for my birthfamily back in China. Tien is from Taiwan and therefore speaks the language. After three months, she finally returned my email in response to moving forward with the search. My neighbor, a month ago, offered to do what he could to help search for any information while he was visiting China. He returned last Thursday, but hasn’t contacted me at all. My husband suggested that perhaps this wasn’t of high priority to our neighbor and not to bug him. I’m at a loss and feel that finding my birthfamily is not going to be easy. I’m doubting that after such a long time there could be any possibility of finding them. Strangely, I’m not surprised that our neighbor did not come back with any news. Still, I feel disappointed.

It turns out that Tien’s email was timely. We’ll pick up where we left off. I She wasn’t surprised either that my neighbor came back with no information because my adoption took place such a long time ago. She mentioned something about the civil war that occurred in Mainland China making it even more difficult to gain information. I will now give my consent for power of attorney to give her contact person in Taiwan authority to dig for more information for me there, i.e., search records, ask for information, etc. I have to send this form to the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) for legalization.

We may not be able to get any further than this. Tien seems to think that my birthfamily moved from China to Taiwan where I was placed for adoption at the Family Planning Association of China. Unfortunately, that orphanage no longer exists. I will continue to hope for the best and try to figure out other ways to find information about my birthfamily.

6 thoughts on “road block

  1. jazzygirl29

    Thanks for you comments, Carole. It seems that over the past week or so, I’ve had no desire to write. I figured it was time to shake that off and force myself to sit down and write something. I’ve felt differently about writing lately-not sure if it’s from all the tension in my household, but I think that has something to do with it, as well as writing the manuscript. Hoping to get back in “the zone” soon though.


  2. Carole Ann

    The angst you are feeling is so real. These feelings are your “truth” as you tell your story. The gut wrenching waiting, the unknown, the frustration, the anger, all these emotions will bind your reader to your writing. So glad you wrote today and got the feelings on paper. Had you not written today, had you not taken the time to “capture” the emotions, your writing would loose its realness and, with that, your sense of urgency coupled with pain. I admire your ability to trust the reader with your feelings and not hold back or gloss over your emotions. The ability to do that makes your writing such a pleasure to read.

    Beth makes a good point about the POA. Her legal background serves us all well.

    Keep writing. The journey, not necessarily the outcome, is the reason for writing.



  3. Beth Fisher

    I guess the first thing that comes to mind, although cliche’, is “Good things come to those who wait.” I must admit I am more than a little disappointed by your neighbor’s lack of attempt to contact you; even if only to say “I wasn’t able to find out anything, I’m sorry.”

    I don’t understand why you must sign a power of attorney to Tien and I think it would make me a little nervous to just sign my POA over to someone I do not know. I suppose it is so she can get access to information as if she were you, but I hope that the POA is very carefully worded giving her only the right to get information in your name and nothing else. Perhaps a consultation with an adoption attorney is in order before you sign such a legal document.

    As far as your parents house goes I am amazed that it has sold as quickly as it has. Yes, you’ve had some issues and you’ve had to fix some things but it still sold within a remarkably short period of being on the market. I would count that as a blessing!

    I am praying that things turn out for you and you find work that you enjoy, the information you are seeking, and settle your parents affairs in a timely manner. Good things are going to come to you! I don’t know why, but I am confident of that!


    1. jazzygirl29

      Thank you, Beth, for your comments and for your input regarding the POA. I’ve been under a dark cloud over the past week, so I hope those good things come quickly!



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